Wednesday, March 2, 2011

SAT Competition 2011

I've submitted the solver just now for SAT Competition 2011. The submission can be downloaded from here and the sources from here (note the git tag sc11). There is a huge gap between STRUCTure and CryptoMiniSat 2.6.0. My goal is not to win the competition (which could happen only if Java HotSpot developers proved that P = NP), but to get a complete objective evaluation of STRUCTure. IIRC look ahead solvers are somehow better than cdcl solvers on random instances and on these instances STRUCTure seems to perform better than CryptoMiniSat.

Update: As it turns out I had a bug that rendered extraction of XOR gates ineffective on my SAT Competition 2011 submission. No wonder why adjusting the coefficient for XOR gates in branching heuristic didn't influence the results.

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