Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tale about binaries

Until recently STRUCTure handled binaries separetly using the implications graph. The problem with this scheme is that binaries need special attention which complicates the design and the implementation. I decided to give binaries a less special status and keep them both in the watch lists and implications graph. Needless to say, the code was greatly simplified.

The upside. The reasoning algorithms now work with binary clauses. Blocked clause elimination which was previously ignoring all variables that appeared in binaries can now eliminate even more clauses. Trivial necessary assignments should be detected by watch lists and the rest of them by hyper binary resolution.

The downside. Branching heuristic was greatly affected because the literals propagations were previously approximated using the topological sort of the implication graph. However I can rebuild the implications graph, so there will only be a small speed penalty.

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